Currently, I’m working on two Middle Grade manuscripts and one Young Adult manuscript. You can view a short summary of each below!

Shad Hadid and the Alchemists of Alexandria (Middle Grade): The last in a line of alchemists, twelve-year-old Shad enrolls in a mysterious school for the ancient art. But when a group of evil alchemists seize control, they remove alchemy from the curriculum. To save his family tradition from being lost forever, Shad vows to outwit them, even if it means teaming up with his former school bully.

The Spirit Thief (Young Adult): Inheriting his bloodline’s abilities without the village blessing makes Musa an outcast. To earn back his honor, he sets off to find a warrior thought to be dead, the only one who can save his village from an invading tribe―his older brother.

Bashir Boutros and the Jewels of the Nile (Middle Grade): Bashir wishes his summer trip to Lebanon could last forever, but gets more than he bargained for when he awakens an ancient djinn. If he can’t bond with it, he’ll be dinner for the demons seeking his djinn’s power.