PitchWars Advice from a Former Mentee

Welcome back to my blog, friends! As a former Pitch Wars mentee and now mentor, I’ve got a couple bits of advice I hope to impart for this year (and future year!) hopefuls. Two of these tips revolve around the submission process and the last centers on after the submission window has closed. Regardless of where you are in your writing journey, be sure to apply to this wonderful program. After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!

Now for the advice…

PitchWars Tip #1: How to catch a mentor’s attention

Now that I’m a mentor, I see so many PitchWars hopefuls and yet not enough questions!

I know you have them because I was in your shoes last year and this submission process can be ALOT. There have been several #AskMentor opportunities and if you missed those, don’t worry, you can still tweet the hashtag (be sure to include #PitchWars as well) and ask your question. We mentors are happy to answer as, ultimately, we are doing this for you!

Now, at the time of submission, how do you capture a mentor’s attention when they are reading your materials? Two things! First, be sure to FOLLOW and ENGAGE on Twitter. Get your face out there. Trust me, it’s not annoying, but a part of the process.

And, second, look at the comps that the mentor identified when the window opens. Scan through those books and, if any of them share a similarity with your work, be sure to comp them! I did this with both my mentors as a hopeful last year.

PitchWars Tip #2: Finding community to better your story and submission package

I can’t stress enough how hard it is to perfect your query and pages. In fact, it’s my belief that NO ONE can do it alone. Not a single human person.

Why? Because we aren’t objective beings. We are subjective. We see our writing with tunnel vision and often can’t identify the flaws. It’s critical (probably the most critical thing in writing) that you’re open to feedback and actively ask for it!!!

Browse the #askmentor, #cpmatch, and even #pitchwars hashtags and throw yourself out there. CP’s typically won’t come to you, so go make those connections happen!

PitchWars Tip #3: Taking something away from the experience no matter the outcome

Whether you’re chosen or not, even submitting to PitchWars has benefits. Hopefully, if you took my advice in the first two tips, you’re now an expert when it comes to the market around your age categories. Not only that, but you’ve made one or two critique partners that will support you throughout your career and help you grow as a writer!

Finally, however, you’ll learned the most important lesson Pitch Wars has to teach…resilience.

The road to publishing success is rife with failure, and I’m no exception. What is true of any endeavor is that you make your own luck, and luck is when hard work meets opportunity. This is your opportunity, so work your butt off for it, and be proud of yourself no matter the outcome!