Editing Services

I’m trying something new, which I’m calling ‘Socially-Conscious Editing Services‘.

First, it never hurts to have an extra pair of eyes on your manuscript, query, or synopsis. Before the novel that received competing offers of representation, I had another novel which I struggled with, and hiring a freelance editor made all the difference. I went from around dozens of rejections with one project, to an offer of representation within days of querying a new project after applying all that the editor taught me. Good editors not only help you find inconsistencies in your novel, but fuel growth so that you’re a better writer for having sought out their guidance. If you’re on the fence, working with an editor (raises hand) can greatly improve your manuscript, and make your work more agent-ready.

Now, what is ‘Socially-Conscious Editing‘ you ask? Simply put, I will donate a portion of the profit I make to a non-profit. A percentage of every dollar goes to supporting a worthy cause, so you know that your money is not only benefitting you, but also others in need.

To reach me for services, send an email to ByGeorgeJreije@gmail.com. Also, as someone who comes from a marginalized background, I understand paying can be difficult. Ask about Financial Aid if you have trouble with the cost!

My Qualifications:
  • I’m an agented author and my novels have won admission into two major mentorship competitions (Pitch Wars and WriteMentor).
  • I have edited for individuals who have gone on to acquire agents and even publication deals.
  • I am a mentor for WriteMentor, and am also mentoring several talented writers I’m sure will be finding their dream agents soon!
What I Edit:

I’m currently only accepting MG and YA manuscripts, though I will consider adult manuscripts on a case-by-case basis. I do not work with horror or romance.

Pricing and Services:

Smaller Services:

Query: $20. Includes in-depth edits for clarification and formatting, line edits, and two passes.

Synopsis: $40 Includes in-depth edits for clarification, line edits, and two passes. 1-2 pages with the goal of getting your synopsis to a single page that clearly represents your manuscript.

Submission Package: $100. Includes in-depth feedback and line edits on your query, 1-2 page synopsis, and first chapter (up to 5k).

Bigger Services:

Reader Report:  .010 cents per word ( ex. 50k manuscript = $500). 
They’re usually a 5-10 page single spaced report detailing feedback on your plot, pacing, characters, setting, worldbuilding, and more. This will give you overall developmental feedback on your entire manuscript, without the line edits.

Line Edits: .020 cents per word (ex. 50k manuscript = $999). Includes an edit letter (usually 5+ pages), detailed line edits and notes within the documents (I’m pretty thorough so expect LOTS of constructive mark ups and suggestions). This takes the reader report to a whole other level, though I only recommend it for those who are comfortable with the overall story they have.

Mentorship: Contact for pricing. If you’re interested in a longer-term editing partnership and you’d like me to read for multiple passes, this is the option for you. Includes line edits, 2 reader reports, 3 query passes, 3 synopsis passes, help with two elevator (or twitter) pitches, and a 4-month long mentorship where I will give you edits and deadlines for us to whip your manuscript into shape! You’ll have full access to ask questions as my schedule permits, as well as phone and/or video calls. I’ll essentially treat you as though you’ve won entry into Pitch Wars, WriteMentor (who I’m mentoring for currently), or one of the other major mentoring competitions!

Sensitivity Reading: For those of you who would love to (and should!) include elements of Arab culture in your stories, I’m offering a sensitivity read. The region known as the Middle East is vast, and the cultures are rich, but it is easy to overlook certain details when writing about them, or writing characters with Arab backgrounds. I’m here to help.

Whether you want a short portion (a chapter, for example) or the entire manuscript read, my rate is standard. I charge $.006 per word, so a 50,000 word manuscript would cost $300. There’s a minimum $20 charge for this service.


5 stars!!!!! George is a top notch editor. His feedback is detailed, hits the mark, and inspires confidence. He’s easy to communicate with and is an overall awesome individual. Believe me, your manuscript will end up way better than it was before—in fact, I got an agent thanks to George’s help! I wholeheartedly recommend George.

-LQ Nguyen, Recently agented to Jennifer March Soloway

George is a tremendous editor. He is such a champion for not only books to be their best, but for writers to feel their best, to feel safe in giving their words to him. It was an absolute joy having George critique my stories. They, and I, are better for his help.

-Bethany Hensel, #RevPit Editor