Book Reviews and Articles – Your Money Geek

This year, I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to write pieces and review books for! It’s a fantastic website with a team of dedicated writers who take what they’re doing very seriously. I’ve enjoyed working on these pieces and look forward to adding more to my portfolio!

Please see below for a couple of these pieces as well as links…

  1. How to Write a Book – The Beginner’s Guide: This piece provides an overview of writing a book for traditional publication, everything from the ideation stage to submitting it to literary agents. It’s pretty comprehensive but is also written for those not versed in the jargon of the book publishing industry.
  2. Literary Review for The End of Men by Christina Sweeney-Baird: In this book review, I dive into the themes of Sweeney-Baird’s debut fiction novel, and compare it to similar post-apocalyptic works of our time.
  3. Literary Review for Bow Down by Lyndsay Goldwert: This book review sees me reviewing non-fiction in the self-help genre. I dive into the ideas presented by Goldwert and weigh them against others in her field as well as the entertainment this book provides.